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Galaxy Deep Field Lens


Professional and amateur astrophotographers alike will love our new collection of deep field lenses. With quality housing, shake-eliminating focus barrels and world-class optics, you’ll be able to capture the Milky Way and our Solar System in all their magnificence. The extra wide angle and aperture provide outstanding quality and low noise. These pieces come with cleaning cloths and felt cases and a 12-month warranty.

Why is black and white making a come back today?Much of our modern history is captured in black and white. Before color photography became cheap and of high quality, we recorded great moments in politics, art, science and sport in monochrome form.


Foto 400 Black & White Film


Apart from the timeless look it lends your art, there’s nothing like shooting in black and white to master light and composition. There’s a reason why the portfolios of many of the world’s great photographers contain a large selection of black and white samples. Execution is only one part – you’ve also got to have the right film. We are lucky enough to now have in stock the ISO 400 film used by professionals.

Professional high quality cameras, tools, and accessories for today’s avid photographers.

What Our Customers are Saying


Beverly Mattingdale

I don’t leave the house without my stylish camera. Thank you for your advice and assistance.”

Jefferson Thorpe

“Ordering and delivery was simple. I was impressed by the features and image quality of my vintage.


Calvin Tristan

“Utterly impressive—nothing more needs to be said about these folks.”

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