Thousands of years from long ago…

Thousands of years from long ago…

Your life is not determined by what happened to you  but by how you react to what happened to you. Your life is not determined by what life brings to you
but by your attitude towards what life brought to you. Advantage or Disadvantage? It is all depend on your attitude, a positive attitude is the key that causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts. The thought that make you react to events of life as a challenge to grow you up is like a catalyst, it speeds you up to fulfillment, it causes a spark that creates extraordinary results.

As I look back to my life story so far, I see that,  certain things that happened to me  happened not to break me but to make me the better me and the outcome are always great each time that i learn from those happenings. OMG! The fact that you are still here is the proof that you can get back up again, so keep you head up,  you can smile again.

It is OK to feel tired, cry if you must but never back down to your fear. Though it is all filled with darkness now, just a little tick tack of time, light will shine again to light your path. Weeping may endure for a night, joy is here to stay with you in the dawn of this new day

Open your hear to hear and you will hear – Open your heart to perceive and you will perceive – Open your eyes to see and you will see. Are you still struggling with that inner bugle that it is all over for you? Hear that sound! That sound! It is a shout out, from God to you saying behold my child! New thing have I declare, let me lavish my love on you, for I still have more of what you needed the most to make your day bright again.
Its began with my story, that story of the sword that pierce my side, that story of the torn that hurt my head. Can`t you feel my breath, It still look like yesterday
but over two thousands of years from long ago. Like an oracle from that place of skull from me to you I said It is finished! I mean it and non can contend it, non can question it but you can contain it. This I say again, It is finished! Your new chapter of life is opened again and all you need is just belief that it is open to you
Put yourself together and don`t forget; Keep your head up and SMILE again
By Korede Bello
Cross Force Media 2012

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