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The accurate understanding of stewardship never exists until awareness of ownership is vivid. The truth can break or make you but you have to be ready to take your spot no matter what,. Be prepared to wage war for what is yours, fan the fire of your faith, do not hesitate to cast your cares also on God as you take your short at life.

“By WARFARE, David conquered but his son Solomon, through compromise he tried to obtain in his reigns.“

Finding your spot is the key ingredient to living a life of impact on Earth, people come and go but their marks live on, what are you set to make yours? Courage dictates the true important rules for identifying priorities rather than analysis. Pick the future as against the past; focus on opportunity rather than on problems; choose your own direction rather than climbing on the bandwagon; and aim high, aim for something that will make a difference, rather than for something that is safe and easy to do.

Anytime you locate a genuine need and begin to meet it by the grace of God in you, you are ministering. Nobody is indispensable but you can live and become irreplaceable. Some people lived and we are yet to find a replacement for them. They lived out their uniqueness and lived an extraordinary life! You can live better,  do something worthwhile with your life! It doesn’t matter how many that that you have failed, so when you fail, make sure that you fail forward, don’t give up! God is not a slave to human clock and his timing is perfect even when he appears catastrophically late! Always glance at the picture of your future,  it is the only thing that will prevent you from focusing on your past, which eventually can make that dream set for your future come to pass.

Aaron Keyes11

Join the cause, help us help the physically impaired in Africa, one city at a time. Ray Enable Care is committed to help the physically impaired and the helpless in Africa, one city per time. Our aim is to innovatively, help them create, enhance, discover and nurture the physically impaired wellbeing, to support their education and make the future easy to engage by them. Our vision is to help them achieve the best of their capacity through innovative aid and support, education, career and talent development to make life comfortable for them to dream and maximize their potentials.


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