LOVE! Don’t stab?

LOVE! Don't stab?

Let stop all this holier than thou attitude
And quoting scripture to intimidate a fallen fellow
We are all where we are today by the grace of God
So stop talking as if you have never done anything wrong before

Why do we stab one another?
You don’t have to put someone down to get up
The sky is too spacious to accommodate every one of us

Don’t slander people because they are moving ahead of you
And when they did something wrong you try to magnify it
Because you have been waiting for such a time like that
Thank God He is neither a man nor woman
Some people would have been deleted long time ago

Many people carry log of wood in their eyes
Yet the speck in the other people is all they yell about
They wouldn’t take care of their own log

They are sister and brother right!
Good communicators but very bad executors

I still could not see the reason why people pick on people
Highly negatively minded even though they go to church
But never taking time to renew their mind off the junks
That has been fed-in from divers exposure
It is a sad thing to see church people entangle in such act as
Gossiping, backbiting, envy of others, covetousness
Deceit, evil eye, blasphemy, pride and wickedness
All these evil things come from within
And defile a man Mark 7:23

Ephesians 6:13-17 talk about the whole armor of God
But nothing was mentioned to protect our back
Because God expect us to watch one another’s back in the battle
But now instead of protection we stab one another at the back
We let many wounded soldiers die not on the battle field
But in the hand of a so called fellow brother

It high time we start helping one another to over come
Whatever challenges that may come our way
Learning a helping hand to a brother on the ground
May save another backsliding soul to the kingdom
Start lifting up that brother instead of judging him
Love for one another is our Discipleship Identity John13:35
It is the only thing that will tell all men that we are Christ’s

See a lot of people out there need the real brotherly love
The world has cheated many that are vulnerable
They are hurting deep within with no one to talk too
They don’t talk because they fear to see their secret publicize

Until we start showing genuine love and care they will not come
But how would the world come when
Even a brother in the circle feels unsafe
Fellows intimidating one another with material possession
Friends we really need to journey back to our first love
With the message from the beginning that we ought
To love one another if God so loved us 1John 4:11

And love covers multitude of sins
If not people like me will never know forgiveness
With many transgressions I have wrought in my ignorant
But yet God wink at them and embrace me with his love
If you have enjoyed God’s love and forgiveness
Why are you finding it difficult to forgive someone else?
Why is your love so weak that it cannot cover that person sins?

If you cannot love you never know God 1John 4:8
For love is the revelation of God

May your love for the hurting, the wounded and
Many victim of situations and circumstances increase
To make a difference in your generation


Wale Oyebade

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