Memory tears

The frame of life clamped itself
around the up and down toss of years
time drifted; Memory tears;
the depth of the history catching up.

Upon my chest, I lay the pain side by side
It was once said to be hanged upon love

The venerable glass so glaring could not do the trick
So the brighter side was murdered right from my very eyes
Keep it clean on the dust of contemplations,
You will also feel this pain that once over throne me.

Overwhelming is the duty that life injected.
My desperacy to birth a smile soon faded away,
I thought that
all is gone
but it remains until another year or so.

Then unknowingly,
there is a mighty hand
that placed the fading hope back
on the storyboard of life
I say that life is a story of every one of us
You did not start it
it started anyway!

Korede Bello

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