African Fashion Classic in Scandinavia

African Fashion Classic in Scandinavia

The essential style of true living is meeting needs, the world is so large that everyone of us living in it has a role or more to play to make it a better place.

Why wasting your time on starting big when it is clear enough to you that you don’t have resources needed to start large? Start small, start where you are! That gift that you are looking down on can be your guide to stadium. So start somehow, belief in yourself, remember to move in your own pace and never compare yourself with others but learn from others that are successful in that field. It is just a matter of time, the world will soon talk about you and they will patronize you.

Now, let me introduce you to my new family business, it is branded TK-bell Afro Fashion Classic, it is about fashion, Styles, International Creativity, proudly African and meeting needs. Starting with ladies only for now with some minor tailoring works such as clothe fittings,clothes adjustment, mending, zip and button fixing, location is Finland.

The fashion is based on African fabrics, it is targeting meeting fashion needs through being creative with  African fabrics as time unfolds.

Discover more at ,you can also contact us at in all Scandinavia area, shipping arrangement can be made at cheap price.

(About the picture above – Wear : Kenya, Style : Afro Pencil fitted gown with neck veil, Design by : tk-bell, location: Finland, Contact: )

Korede Bello

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