Bridging The Gap 2


Remember once again that
Having dreams don’t change a thing
It is birthing your dream that makes a difference
Joseph didn’t change level because he had dreams
As a matter of fact things became more difficult for him
Yet he had in his heart a glorious future
Lurking around the corner of his heart
The reality of his living is a far cry from the pictures in his dreams
He was a king in his dream
Yet he was sold as a slave and even had prison experience
But when his dream became a reality
The world all over beg at his feet for food

So my word for you today
Is to start bridging the gap
Between your life’s reality
And your dreams’ pictures
By working in the light of your dreams
Work and make decisions in line with those pictures
If you dream of a high profile career life
Then you have to get yourself educated in that line
Go for training and do professional papers in your field
Make yourself fit to earn the salary you dream of

If you dream of a sweet and sweat-less lovely home
Work on yourself to deserve it
Read books, attend seminars, and study the lives
Of those who have proven testimonies in line with it
You can school yourself into greatness in marriage
If you are ready to learn and work at it

Whatever dreams that you have
Know surely that it will not suddenly done on you
You will need to work it out of yourself
Day by day as the sun rises
A little block here and there
Your dreams are unfolding
Only don’t wait for tomorrow
While today waste away
Get up and start working at closing that gap
Between your reality and the future you dream of

And challenges are good opportunity
That fast track the future that you long for
So don’t run from them
Infact embrace them

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You are possible


Wale Oyebade

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