Bridging The Gap

No woman gets pregnant
Just to flaunt around a big tummy
But for the birth of a Baby
So also dreams are not Hollywood movies
In the rooms of our hearts
To entertain our imagination
But they are pictures of the future
Ordained to be birthed
Every pregnancy is a potential destiny
Dreams too are potential future
God never gives dream to appeal to man’s senses
He gives dreams to reveal our destinies
Therefore dreams are meant to be birthed


But we live in a world of reality
The world celebrate tangibility
That is why you will never see a woman
Throwing up party to jubilate her conception
But until she delivers her Baby
The celebration will be on hold
So no one will ovate you for having a dream
Or for writing your dreams and aspirations in books
But until your dreams live the corner of your heart
And the pages of your books
To see the light of the day
It does not get celebrated
For ideas-only does not put money into pocket
It is an idea that is made real that pays dividend

So as much as you have dreams
Match your works with it to birth it
For the world does not celebrates imagination
They only ovate manifestation
Until your dreams become tangible
The world will give you no attention
So strive to birth your dreams
Because you can make it happen
If you work at it with all knowledge
As pregnant women don’t run from labour room
In order to experience the joy of child birth
So labour at pushing your dreams too
From the realms of your heart
To the surface of the earth

(Continue in part two, this is to make you less bore with long reading, think on this and continue in part two, as Wale Oyebade blog continues. Korede Bello)

You are possible


Wale Oyebade

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