Then said I… I cannot speak… But the Lord said unto me… Be not afraid of their faces… Jer.1:6-8

Jeremiah had a divine call upon his life
But the fear of being rejected
Made him to turn it down
He came up with excuses of being a child
And not being able to speak
Even when the people had not rejected him
He places a limit on himself
‘Lord I cannot go beyond this’
But God stirred up his courage
Not to be afraid of their faces

Today many failed at job interview
Not because they are not qualified
But because they have no confident
Fear made them chicken out on their seat

I once asked a friend to apply to a Company
But he said no without hesitation
I asked him why he would not
Being that he has all the qualifications required
His answer was because it a big company
There would be many people who will apply
And the chances of him making it is very little
That he didn’t think he can pass the first stage
He wrote himself off before he was even rejected
He never gave the company the chance to say no

There are so many open doors
That God never closed
But that we have closed ourselves
By the fear of being rejected
We sometimes don’t give people
The chance to actually turn us down
We look at ourselves and say
‘No it’s not my type they are looking for’

What would you have done?
If you know you will not be rejected

There are many ideas that this fear had killed
Many business proposals that were never written
Because of the thought that it will not work
And that no one will ever accept it

But today I will like to tell you
Until you face your fear
You will not conquer it
Just tell yourself whenever the fear comes
‘I will not turn myself down
I will give myself a chance’
Then work out with faith that
You too have something to offer
Speak bold and appear thick
Let your appearance reflect
The confidence that you have inside

Stop placing a limit on yourself
Give yourself a chance
And see how far you can go

Face your fear
And break yourself from it prison


Wale Oyebade

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