Ankara Mix – designed by TK – Bell Afro fashion classic

Ankara Mix - designed by TK - bell Afro classic

Work of creative art as designed and sewed by Oluwatosin. The fashion style is a casual design of Ankara fabric’s trouser and Ankara mix top. Ankara fabric is a fabric from West Africa, it is common in the western part of Nigeria.

Usually sewn as Iro and Buba but with the help of creative art of designers, Ankara can be designed to meet the need and fashion taste of anyone across the globe.

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At TK-Bell, our aim is to meet the unique fashion taste of anyone that likes to be different in style of wears, especially with African fashion twist.


This article is to promote African culture in the Scandinavia region, especially Finland and the rest of Europe. If you like this article, perhaps you also like to promote African culture and heritage, feel free to share this blog.

Stay tuned for more to come, especially the TK-Bell Africa Fashion Twist show coming soon in the nearest future, the aim is to continue the promotion of African beautiful culture in Finland.

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