The Cultural Shock

Thinking recently and taking a look at how to react to culture that we don’t know or that we are not used to. As scary it might sometimes appear, it has a lot of advantages more than the disadvantage.

Personally and based on my experience, I think that diversity of culture makes the world go around and makes impact massive…

What experience do you have with foreign culture? What do you think about it?

nf6 Recently on one of our company’s show, we were having discussion about visitors and visiting. Over the years we have learn from a new culture that believes that a visitor should bring their personal item that they could be entertained with. Items such as drinks, food etc. Whereas, the culture that I grew to know is that of a culture that believes that a visitor would be entertained and would not be expected to bring any form of items for their personal entertainment. Although the visitor could also bring a gift for the host, such a gift based on my own personal assumption, I believe that it is a gift form me and not for the visitors use.

The different in culture often result in to some sort of cultural shock, sometimes laughter and disdain.  

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