Snow Photography in – 22°C – LumiFlex

I was inspired recently to create a product for my business, the product that I called “snowflex” or “Lumiflex”. The product is about encouraging a professionally shut snow photography. The experience has been so exciting, however also challenging especially because of the harsh cold winter this year. For the past few days the temperature has been between – 22°C and – 15°C.

I must acknowledge that, it is a privilege to be able to experience snow, its beauty and the inspiration it brings. Personally, the snow inspires me, I have written many songs and developed new ideas just taking a walk through the street covered with snow. This year especially brings back to me a memory from the past, walking through the street of the city of Vaasa to experience snow for the first time.

The sparkling beauty of a snow white grandeur, so full of hypes but you can never get used to the cold of winter at its pick in Finland no matter who you are. As a photographer, hitting the trigger of the camera is no longer as easy as it sounds but a creative and determined artist call it a bluff just to make the memory of the beauty last forever to bring out the value of the experience that is too difficult to explain and I hope it makes you smile and reflect on the beauty of life .

Dress up to enjoy the beauty of the wonder so far from reach of many. Every moment counts, dare the cold and enjoy the creativeness of nature. Lumiflex is not just photography, it is designed just to add a little bit more warm to the stunning and beautiful brighter wonder of nature.

God must be an artist that display beauty in style.

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