“Falling lines, like raindrops, shaking leaves like weakened crops. Splashes here and there, flashes in the air, crashes in despair, where are the people of great pedigree? You will agree with Goliath…Give me a man!”

Life does not answer to supply primarily but demand. It is about solution before promotion. It is not about what we lack first, it is about what you have left! In every nations and generation, there is always a demand for a man, whom the people can look up to for inspiration, for direction, for leadership for solution. In every battle, there is always the last man standing. Goliath placed a demand on men of Saul to produce a man that can compete with him, whoever wins, rules.         

I Sam 17; 8-9. It is imperative that a looser cannot rule, an impossible dominion!

Your Goliath is what challenges your ability and question the authority of your creation. It is a challenge that calls you up for a challenge for championship. Losing is not an option if your actions matches your confession. Nick was born without hands and limbs. He has every excuse to blame creation for putting is life in a critical and mockery position. Yet, Today He is one of the most sought after public speaker, a terrific swimmer, an unstoppable dreamer. He is traveling all over the world living his life as an inspiration.

Nick Vijucic once said,” if you cannot get a miracle be a miracle!” what a profound truth! Beethoven was deaf yet he is one of the world best hymn composer of all time. You have not been employed for excuses but for exploits!

Goliath has not come to break you but make you!
Goliath has come to insult you but exalt you!
Goliath has not come to silence you but announce you
Goliath has not come to stop you but take you to the top
Goliath has not come to stop your life’s mission but set you on motion!
Life will not put you in command except you meet its demand!
You can’t confess your inability to your enemy and possess his territory
Never make your limitation your habitation!
If you make God your reference, you will make a difference!
Never blame creation for your condition, blame your confession!
When a coward is in command, defeat is at hand!
Leadership is not about who is at the front but who can confront challenges that silence others.

Leadership is not about having expensive armor but effective armor
Leadership is not about the who is in control but the one who gains control
What stops others should not be your bus stop!
What stops your leader, use as your ladder!
No one can stand on your way, if you can convince them enough by showing them the way

Instead of blaming creation for your inabilities bless creation for your availability because you are a celebrity waiting to happen!

david rules

In a world where the standard is falling, system failing and unfavorable situation. Leadership is crawling, economy is crumbling, the masses crying…We must remember one thing; Give me a man, Goliath’s demand.

Today, chose to be a person of action, a man of mission, set your life on motion, no matter the commotion, the world awaits your manifestation. Goliath’s demand is, give me a man! you are that man in a million! you are that man in a battalion. Rise like a lion! and roar, let the jungle feel your existence! do not quench your persistence, you are a carrier of a divine presence, you are born for such a time as this!

Credit: Olawale Oyebade


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