ARE YOU EMBRACED OR REJECTED, LOVED OR HATED, CHEERED OR BULLIED, BEAUTIFUL OR UGLY? Really! DO YOU AGREE WITH THEM? Let us talk about it, it is nothing to be ashamed of, but here is the truth about it. BE INSPIRED…

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Sometimes, we think less of who we real are that we have to depend on the validation from others but the truth is, there is no one that match your uniqueness. God  knows you, God planned you before creation, you are just fearfully and wonderfully made. A creation of the most high that is inferior to none.

Be so comfortable in yourself to the extent that you accept all of you, if learning is all it will take. LEARN TO TELL YOURSELF OF HOW AWESOME YOU ARE EVERYDAY AND EMBRACE THE FACT THAT YOU CAN BE BETTER AS EACH DAY PASSES. – Psalms 127:1-24

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

There is no person that has the right to define or redefine you but God and when you were made, God made you GOOD! – Genesis 1:31, you are one of God’s creations. It was intentional that you are made good, beautiful, and handsome. In fact, God is into you everyday of your life. Often time human makes mistake of waiting on man to redefine us, whereas, we have been defined by the most high and the only definition that was given to us is GOOD and beautiful. 

Never allow any thoughts or believe to taint your true form, turn it into song, sometime write yourself a love song, learn to appreciate who you are and carry yourself as such.

I will also advice parents to keep reminding their children of how beautiful and handsome they are, take them on a date night sometimes, set the standard of how they should perceive themselves so high – set the standard so high that no lies can easily sway them. It is our duties to impact into our children a Godly standard -Proverbs 22:6, self-esteem and the way they perceive themselves is part of this training that the word of God is all about. If you don’t teach them about their self-confidence, there are a lot of tools and brainwashers out their that we teach them gladly a believe that would affect the way they perceive themselves with no regret or remorse of any kind.  This could impact them negatively for life.

My prayer for you today is that, you will not fail yourself, your children and God. God’s grace is sufficient for you, go and reshape the future in the way it is meant to be, I am sure that anything you create will be awesome just like that of your father, GOD.

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