Musician Tools and strategy.

Collaboration is a very essential tool for all musicians, but there are good and bad way of going about it. Here are some tips from a musician point of view.

What are the process for collaboration with that influencer that you desire to roll with, should be the first thing to address…

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  1. Try to get the best possible means of contact to the artist.

You can contact some artist through their manager, some you can contact directly, some through someone that knows somebody that knows them. This depends on so many factors such as, how popular that particular artist is, some are easy to connect with and some are not. There are many factors that are responsible for this.

2. Don’t count on social media messaging or comment to get a reply from the artist you want to collaborate with.

From a personal point of view, this seems like easy move but it is totally so unlikely that you would get a reply. Why? As an artist, I may not be so popular but I know that my inbox is always busy, there are different kind of messages. Most of which, I don’t even bother to open because, think about it for a seconds. Opening messages is not my job description on social media and I have no time for that. Even, if it is possible, make sure that you send messages to them through their business pages on social media and when you do, go straight to your enquiries, avoid messages like “Hi”, “hello” only etc. Any messages that look like you want to chat with them won’t do you any good.

3. Send a message to an official email of the artist that you want to feature.

I am assuming that you want to collaborate with an artist that will help your music go to the next level, this means that, the artist must have an official email or contact somewhere, find it. This is one of the best ways, my personal experience is that, even if they didn’t reply you personally, the personal assistance or managing firm or managers are likely to. There is no particular method to this, you just have to keep on trying until you are able to achieve your plan.

4. Have as many options as possible.

Collaboration in music is very important, not only because an artist can influence your music popularity. but also because, it is good to have allies, people that you associate with or associate your creative work with matters. Develop your network by connecting with as many artists as you can.

5. Do it for a right reason.

A quick story, I had about an upcoming artist that I know personally, he invested in featuring a well known artist. He featured the artist, he spent on hosting his featured artist in Europe. This guy spent a lot of money and time, but when it was time to produce his music video, the well known artist became a ghost, after being paid a lot of money, after the enjoyment of the network of the upcoming artist. The upcoming artist just want an opportunity to reach the Africa market, for whatever reason this may be.

This is my own personal belief and approach. The major reason why I would want to feature an artist will not only be because they can influence my creative works or make it popular but also to have them as friends or a sort of a close allies or mentors, advisers, encouragers or even as guardians in this industry. Is this certain to happen someday? I will never know, unless I try. So try!

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