I had a dream that life was so beautiful but when I woke, it was full of duties, sometimes with a great deal of pain or enjoyment. What a wonder life is? Is dream a lie or a mirage? Hold on a moment; it is time to wake up to the reality that your dreams can come true.

Life is a battle and you are a fighter in it…

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We may love to live life but it doesn’t always feel so friendly sometimes. Is it? The case of life sometimes is; ‘I smile’, ‘I groan’, there is a reason for that song but the irony of life is; ‘never conclude until it is concluded’, it is not over until it is really over. I am writing this for only one purpose and that is to tell you to ‘braze up and pick it up again’, you will surely rise above that raging storm of life if you didn’t give up.

It might be true that you have lost that something of great value to you, in fact, may be you cherish it more than life itself, the truth is; how do we know the value of success when we have not failed before and often time that bad happening is challenging us to be better or do better. So, before you reach conclusion that it is over for you, take a deep breath and think for a moment, maybe you lost that Job; think about it, there is a better Job waiting for you, in fact to some, life is challenging them to get creative, create Job for others and this is also applicable to every area of life that is proving difficult, your best is about to emerge. In fact, that fall might mean that you are about to take a lip or flight into the world of great possibilities.

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Make up your mind to remain full of hope no matter what, that is where strength lies. This year is closing up for the dawn of a brand new year. You life case is exactly that way because a brand new case of life is about to be opened to you. God is working a work in you and the outcome can only be glorious.

Remain positive minded! It is okay to fear sometimes but it will be so catastrophic if you allow that fear to dictate your thought and your action, it is time to face your fear and overcome the odd of life. You are born tough, never allow anything to break you down.

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