Ankara Mix – designed by TK – Bell Afro fashion classic

Work of creative art as designed and sewed by Oluwatosin. The fashion style is a casual design of Ankara fabric’s trouser and Ankara mix top. Ankara fabric is a fabric from West Africa, it is common in the western part of Nigeria. Usually sewn as Iro and Buba but with the help of creative artContinue reading “Ankara Mix – designed by TK – Bell Afro fashion classic”


“Falling lines, like raindrops, shaking leaves like weakened crops. Splashes here and there, flashes in the air, crashes in despair, where are the men of great pedigree? You will agree with Goliath…Give me a man!” Life does not answer to supply primarily but demand. It is about solution before promotion. It is not about whatContinue reading “GOLIATH’S DEMAND…”