It is not enough to just survive but excel, be joyous, be happy and be fulfilled. Never leave your future to chances! A careful look back on this ending year has made us to admit a truth that we discovered, I and my wife. It works more than magic, it actually materialized things into reality and it is vivid in our life. We will like to share it with you.

Do you remember the king in the book of 2nd King 13 of the bible?

The more the arrows were smitten, the more victory that belongs to him based on the prophet’s instruction, he failed to see a limitless victory, his efforts match exactly his victory. Declare the invisible to the visible, call those things that were not as though they were (Romans 4:16); speak something good about you to the future which will soon turned to today.

The past few years has been the years of calmness, loneliness and excitement for us as family- to be sincere it has not been easy but with our heart we believe and with our mouth we confess things that we want to happen in our life as inspired by the holy spirit and as we were empowered by God- as impossible as they seems, to our greatest amazement, they materialized and we are still working, getting ready for better days still ahead. In fact some of our friends couldn’t relate with how possible this could be, now we are a source of inspiration to some of them to take their chances for their future benefits.

You can key into this grace, gather your family together, gather friends together, you as individual can also dare to tap into the realm of the invincible, if you want it, go and get it.

After your goals have been set, declare good things into your life, things that you want or need in this week, declare, decree, command and prophesy. Your spirit will bear you witness by an unexplainable calmness you will feel, then your faith will increase as it is written in Heb 11- And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Do you want God to move mightily in all your endeavors? Have faith!

It is time to take charge, declare with me – I  speak against every situation that may want to break my spirit this week, I refused to be moved and shaken no matter what – In everything I do, according to the will of God for my life, I will succeed – Men and women shall call me blessed, old and young shall call me blessed and everyone I come across shall be liberated by my impact as given by the grace of God in me – when people are saying there is casting down – I and my family will experience what will make us to shout, there is lifting up – Every thing that seems impossible that we needed for stability in our life in my family shall turned possible by the power of the most high, we received work stability, carrier stability, ministry stability, business stability, finance stability, against all odds, we will emerge victorious !

There is no limit in the realm of the spirit. – Matthew 18:18 (NIV) Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be[a] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[b] loosed in heaven.

You exist to be wonder on the surface of earth. DARE TO LIVE this limitless life!



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