Effort is what makes the difference between a renowned personality and a personality of zero value. If you have not gotten there yet, keep pressing, call those things that ‘are not as though they were’, for all things are possible only if you belief. I BELIEF! that is my stand, however I have come to the term with the fact that strong belief also comes with its blow.

The last two years were a big blow for a lot of people. Many things were put on hold, many things that people love to do and it has not been easy. In my case there were many tours and life’s events that would have taken place, we have planned so many local and international events which were later cancelled. The hope of putting together any actual committed team seems dashed. It was overwhelming and so painful. There is a need for restoration with immediate effect.

Here is the fact; the concept of restoration starts with the acknowledgement of the fact that you want something restored. Change will never take place unless there is an attempt at it. This is why in my own case, I have to be realistic by acknowledging the facts that even though many people have reached out to us to find out when KBell and The Ray Ignite team will get back on stage again, for us, it is not just about getting back on stage but to do it in a better form, intentionally and a better structure.

Our hensence of living is not just about what we would get from life but meeting a specific need in the life of the people. Just like joseph in Egypt, he was young, so full of passion, hope and dream but the reality of life caught up with him.

Even though he was challenged through life’s happening, he did not allow his circumstance to stop him from living the life he was created to live by God. He had a breakthrough with his master but the breakthrough was short lived. He was thrown in prison but he did not allow the prison to dictate how to live. 

The life circumstance that is overwhelming you right now should not change how you see into your future, stay focused and stay positive. Always take one step after the other, you will win and overcome one day and when you do, you will never remember the former things because of how much blessings you will receive after the storm is over.

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I am Korede Bello, also known as KBell. I am a media engineer and a musician. I spend most of my time with my family, work, building my music career and my new company at This blog is to connect with people based on my love of life, faith, business, gift and sharing my favorites with you!

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