Speak life! Start with your children!

One of the best gifts that parents could ever give to their children is “the moment that boosts their confidence”. You know those little moment of encouragement on every little things or task that they get done, those adorable moment of small steps accompany with “Well done child” ” I am proud of you”. Those childish gestures that parents do just to make them laugh and to make them know that they are loved.

However, the world that we live in right now is cruel! There are a lot of confidence destroying monsters out there, they come in different shapes and forms. They don’t often appear as unfriendly, they are in fact very friendly but their mission is only to tear apart the self-confidence of your children, be at alert! This however, may not be intentional as well. No matter what be on guard for the sake of your children.

I will share a quick story with you, this is a true life story.

Daughter: Dad, one of my schoolmates was picking on me today, he told me that the stars in my head warmer is ugly.

Dad: Do you like your hat?

Daughter: My hat is the best.

Dad: That is all that matters, it doesn’t matter what people says, if you think that your hat is the best, then it is the best.

That was my daughter’s story. In conclusion, I told her to wear what she likes with confident besides the fact that it is the coolest hat I have ever seen, so fashionable too. I had to show her how cool her cap is on daddy and you know what, she knows that her dad is the coolest and the best. She is also outspoken about this fact anywhere. If her cool dad can wear her hat, the bully must have bad taste in fashion. Make yourself always available to the extent that you will be the next place of refuge that your children will run into after God, till they can learn to stand on their own.

This happened among children and it almost affected her self-esteem, how much more if they are exposed to someone in the position of easy influence over them. Many children that started with high self-confidence somewhere along the way has lost their motivation, it is your job as parents to make sure you find exactly what may be responsible for this, funny, the world will call it a norm and there is no universe in which that is a norm. The confidence children grow up with determines how they see everything along the way in life. Always speak life! Start with your children and help them hold on tight to their self-esteem until they won’t need your help on this any more.

I pray for you today that your children shall not lose their confidence somewhere along the way in life. They shall grow to be valuable and also add value to the world as heavenly assets. Poverty shall be far away from them and they shall grow up to be one of the worlds greatest reformers.

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I am Korede Bello, also known as KBell. I am a media engineer and a musician. I spend most of my time with my family, work, building my music career and my new company at http://www.rayglobaldigital.com. This blog is to connect with people based on my love of life, faith, business, gift and sharing my favorites with you!

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