Hello friends, I belief that all is well with you. God is forever faithful in every situation.

Recently, I and my family were hosted by a very close friend on a family trip, which was like an holiday gift to us. It was a summer cottage get away for us as family.

During the course of this summer cottage holiday, we did varieties of activities. God spoke to me through one of these activities, this activity is ‘the barbecue’. The first time we did the barbecue was the first day of our stay at the summer cottage and I enjoy doing it as well. One thing that stood out on the second day of the barbecue again was that the barbecue fire place was cold, there was no fire nor flame, it was early, nobody wanted to start the fire for the barbecue. Unlike the first day, when we did ours after the first set of group of people were done with theirs, it was easy because the flame was ready.

On that second day, It was cold, no heat, no fire, however because we needed to, we started the fire from the coldness of the the barbecue place. It was tough to start because there was no fuel to start, we only had dry wood and matches. So, we started making the fire with what we had, it took some couple of minutes to get the fire stable.

However, in the course of flipping and roasting, the smoke went up and it attracted many people to the barbecue place. They started to reserve their time after us. We started the fire and many people were attracted to the fireplace.

God used this life’s event to communicate about life to me that often time, when we want something to exist in certain aspect of life. We sometimes feel sad and complain about why what we are hoping for doesn’t exist or is not happening. We sometimes even waste time dwelling on our complains to the extent that it leads to heartbreak, sometimes depression.

A wasted time leads to a wasted life.

God told me that if you need something, you have to go and get it, there must be an hunger for fulfilment in you, the kind that you create even if not already in existence. This means that if you know that something that is needed doesn’t exist before or made available for you, you have to create it.

Go and start the fire!

When you do, it will attract people that would value your creation or invention, even those that won’t. It doesn’t just stop there, it would inspire the next person or the next generation to desire more in life. It could become a legacy that many would talk, write, act and sing about for many years to come. You will become an inspiration.

1 Peter 2:9 (NIV) – you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light”

You are a carrier of grace, your seed is a seed of righteousness, you are the nations shaker, a world reformer. Go and embrace your strength and true identity.

I pray for you today, where there are walls, the lord would raise you up to overcome every obstacles. Where there is no way, receive your open doors in Jesus name. God will restore everything that you have lost this week in Jesus name.


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