A set goal makes its owner ready to take charge of a new dawn. Things don’t just happen, people make it happen – goals don’t just become an achievement, unless it has been set by its owner. People don’t just run, unless there is a prize to obtain or for a purpose.

Evil in the air, when flight begins to fly blind: like every other days, they were all set to embark on a trip, some, a trip to see and hug their love ones so closed again, after a long time of separation by work, schools and so on – some to make more money in order to be sustained in the new dawn approaching and some, it is their long awaited vacation. Life is like a chain, one thing led to another. One seeking for something, while others another thing, but they all have one thing in common, they were heading towards a brand new day – no matter when you find this write up to read – tomorrow is a future because you have not been there yet and so also is the year to come.

In the same ship they boarded – “An Aeroplane” – the pilots, the plane attendants, the first class and business class passengers, to the list of the economy passengers. The journey began and an unexpected happened, it was so bad that the pilot could not communicate with the work station again. Now, they are on their own flying blind and in the thick dark cloud they flies, the cloud not so far to the firmament; the space and the stars, and even the world beyond.

The dawn of a new season, new phase, and new era is like a ship that all men have in common but to make a different, you have to be prepared to pay the price but there is no price to pay without a goal or something to pay for. You don’t want to be like sheep without a shepherd. Gather you family together if you have one and if you don`t do this likewise on your own, draw your goals in such a way that you will keep on checking if you are still on track as you move on in life, like they say charity begins at home – whatever happened in your life starts from you. If you want your family to work together more than before and get glued together in love, place a great value on them, learn how to plan together, if you want to stay happy or joyous as you move on in life, self check your growths and achievements.Be sincere to yourself, If you notice that there is no change yet, don`t panic. You can always check your goals carefully, maybe there is something that you are not doing right but if you discover that you have set a wrong goal, change it, there is nothing wrong about that; set something else as goals and remain focused on a purpose driven life!

Set goals for your businesses, set goals to start a new life, set goals on how to stop that bad habit, set goals on how to improve that good habit, it could be your strength, set goals of how to add to your community, set goals on how to make someone stay happy, set goals on how to be creative, set goals on how to stay happy, set goals on how to be mentally and emotional sound.


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