DRIVEN BY PURPOSE -avoiding blind flight-

A set goal makes its owner ready to take charge of a new dawn. Things don’t just happen, people make it happen – goals just don’t become an achievement, unless it has been set by its owner. People don’t just run, unless there is a prize to obtain or for a purpose. Evil in theContinue reading “DRIVEN BY PURPOSE -avoiding blind flight-“

Ankara Mix – designed by TK – Bell Afro fashion classic

Work of creative art as designed and sewed by Oluwatosin. The fashion style is a casual design of Ankara fabric’s trouser and Ankara mix top. Ankara fabric is a fabric from West Africa, it is common in the western part of Nigeria. Usually sewn as Iro and Buba but with the help of creative artContinue reading “Ankara Mix – designed by TK – Bell Afro fashion classic”